Unveiling Out of This World Concept Art

July 21, 2021
Cover shot

Can’t wait to explore the galaxy? Here’s a sneak peek at some breathtaking environments our team designed! This is just a taste of what you will get to discover as Star-Lord, as you hop from one planet to another with the Guardians, trying to save the universe.

A wide shot of Seknarf Nine, homeplanet of Lady Hellbender. Rain is pouring all over the desolated area.

Welcome to Seknarf Nine, home planet of Lady Hellbender! Legends say that its weather is controlled by the temperament of its ruler. At least, that’s what Drax has heard.

Out of space view of the Quarantine zone, a bright pink junkyard. The Milano, the Guardians' spaceship, is exiting its atmosphere.

The Quarantine Zone is a gigantic war junkyard in space. This is where our story begins, and where a crazy bet between Star-Lord and Rocket set in motion a chain of events that will put the fate of the universe in jeopardy.

Entry of The Rock, an asteroid used by the Nova Corps as their outpost. It is shaped like a massive empty metalic circle, ready to welcome ships.

This is the entry of The Rock, an asteroid used by the Nova Corps – a galactic militia - as their military base. The Guardians and Nova Corps have kind of a love/hate relationship. (Mostly hate)

Lady Hellbender's fortress seen from afar. It seems to float in a middle of a crater, surrounded by water and only accessible from a lengthy bridge.

Lady Hellbender’s fortress on Seknarf Nine. Reputed for being impregnable, it is where she fosters her collection of monsters. Its atypical architecture stands out in the middle of the stormy and desolated lands of this planet.

A cave below the surface of a planet, formed from rock and crystal. Star-Lord and Rocket are standing in the middle of the cave.

Star-Lord and Rocket are standing in the caves of... Oh, we’re not saying which planet it is yet!

The Milano is flying in the Quarantine Zone, a gigantic spaceship graveyard.

The Milano is flying in the middle of the Quarantine Zone, surrounded by floating debris from obliterated ships of the Galactic War.

Groot is walking in the under jungle of Seknarf Nine. Arches of vegetation make Groot look very small.

Groot is walking below the surface of Seknarf Nine, under giant vegetal arches and growth. Groot is tall, but the flora is even taller on this planet.

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